"What are they talking about?" is an academic assignment I made in December 2016 for English Culture final exam.
My tasks were:
- to gather blog entries about "Brexit" (only from UK) during a period of 10 days (15.000 words/day, 150.000 total words).
- to analyze the words through a software (AntConc);
- to write a report about my findings.
I choose very bright, saturated colors because part of the exam consisted in pitching che report in a classroom with strong external lighting, and I was afraid that the video projector would not display the images well.
That was very opportune since in the end the classroom was fully brighted, and the colors helped a lot the general readability.
Software used:
- Illustrator (tables, graphics and figures)
- InDesign (layout)
- AntConc (corpus analysis)

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