Reading Monsters is a reboot of a Project I made when I was 6 years old.

I struggled a lot because I was in love with books, but many of my friends weren't
In fact, they found books boring and just stuff for old people. 
I tried so bad to coinvince them that reading was cool. They were like tone-deaf.

I tried to explain all of my passion for reading (yes, I was already a big problem for my parents since I started to read a book per ebooks back then, ouch). None of my friends was listening. 
Then I came up with an idea. 
I designed my project with a syllogism, even if I didn’t know it at the time.

I known for sure that monsters were cool guys, and this was about the average opinion for us kids. Then I thought: “Ok lets be simple. If monsters are cool, and they are reading, so reading must be cool too.

Astonishing, right? This simple problem solving make me smile now, but i suppose it was probably the first glimpse of the graphic designer that I am now. And this is sweet. 

Happy ending: my friends were in fact very impressed about my “reading campaign”, and for a little while. We hanged out in the school library together a few times, and it was very cool. Eventually they came back at their favourite activities, and I understood that readings and books were a pleasure and not an obligation.

Lesson learnt!
I just drew above the original projects in PS and it was a lot of fun. For real, I warmly suggest you to try to redraw your drawings from childhood. 
Maybe one day I’ll figure out how to make this early Project to life, who knows...

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